and the award goes to…

meg linberg, for waiting way too long to start up a legit blog.  don’t get me wrong, i have a livejournal (no, you cannot have the link) and somewhere in the deep reaches of the internets i have a blogger, but my sources (also known as alex) tell me that wordpress is the way to go. so here i am.  per usual i am not studying for the midterm i have this week and so instead i will tell you about my snow day.

beginning this past friday it rained for years and years (also known as a day and a half).  around 5 pm it began snowing. SNOWING. in SOUTH CAROLINA of all places.  the grand total was something around 6 or 7 inches, and procured me a day without classes for monday.  i woke up, watched news footage about the insane traffic jam (almost entirely semi-trailers) on i-85, had some pancakes, and played in the snow.  by now (it is after 10 pm) most of the snow has melted off, but the ground is very very wet and as the low for tonight is 18° f, i’m predicting some icy roads.  the greenville county school district has declared tuesday another snow day.  furman, however, has refused to give us another day off. typical.

Who doesnt like a good snow day every now and then?

future snowcone.


One response to “and the award goes to…

  1. I want a snow daaaaay :( :( :(

    cute blog. would read again. A+++.


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