an average night in the life of me.

i got home from having dinner with alex at panera (i had baked potato soup in a sourdough breadbowl. nom.) and traipsing around target at about 7:30. i came up to my dorm room, got out my books, unpacked my computer and turned it on, and made a cup of kiwi pear green tea (nom). i refilled my penguin humidifier:

My trusty humidifer.

my trusty humidifier.

i then proceeded to sit at my computer, playing balloono on (don’t click, it’s addicting!) off and on. i set up this blog. i read about a page of a play that i was supposed to have read for today. i did not study for the midterm i was supposed to have today. i have yet to shower.  i also had two cups of peppermint herbal tea because i realized i have a sore throat. Words cannot express how unexcited i am to have a sore throat. i do not want to be sick. i especially do not want to be sick during my spring break, which is next week, but i suppose that’d be better than being sick during the run of the spring term play in three weeks, right? (oh gosh, that’s in three weeks?!) sure, why not. i also looked at sheets  want to buy for when i have an apartment with an actual full sized bed (!!!!!!!) next year. don’t worry, they were all way too expensive for me, and i searched for low-price flight options for when I go to ft. ladeeda in may. now i’m sitting here trying to come up with just one more excuse to not go to bed. it’s really a thrilling life i lead.


One response to “an average night in the life of me.

  1. your post makes me miss college (some things at least) — love the pic too

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