sick during midterms week :(

i feel like this:

long story short, my nose is stuffed up and draining down my throat and so my throat is really, really sore. i was told by the nurse at the infirmary this morning that i don’t have the flu because i have no fever and that it doesn’t look like strep or mono because there’s no spots/etc on the back of my throat, so i’m just on a regimen of sudafed and ibuprofen.

i have the midterm i was meant to have on monday at 10:30 in the morning (it’s about 1 am right now) and i have yet to study at all. and of course, it’s my hardest class. go figure.

today i showed alex how to upload a picture into his blog. exciting. he bought me some groceries, including a new kind of tea (peaches & herbs..mmm), honey (in a bear squeeze bottle, of course!), and some white grape juice.  then we went over to lowe’s so i could do some of the project I have due on friday. we are supposed to find a bunch of different materials, tools, etc. that we could use to build scenery, take pictures of them, and put them together in some sort of presentation including a proposed use for each item and its price. i got most of it done tonight! tomorrow i need to go get my oil changed, buy a cd or two so that i can burn my presentation onto one to turn in, and finish the rest of the project (at least the at lowe’s part; I can put it all together thursday night.)

speaking of thursday night, i was cast in the vagina monologues! our first company call is thursday night at 7:30, right after my education midterm. i have a very minor part–i speak the intro to two pieces–but still. it’s my first role in anything ever (aside from elementary school stuff, obviously) and i get to talk about RAPE and say VAGINAS! and people will PAY MONEY to see me do it, so… :)

now it’s time to reheat my tea and study in earnest at least a little bit. maybe i will wake up a bit early tomorrow so i can go eat breakfast in the dining hall (henceforth to be referred to as the dh). goodnight, moon.

peach herb tea and honeybears!


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