i wish i could make this stuff up.

today was a good day. this morning i went to cityfest, which is a big easter egg hunt / music / carnival rides / funnel cake event in the greenville high football stadium. alex and the band he plays for played, and I took pictures.

probably my favorite photo from today. although most of them look a lot better on my computer screen than other people’s screens, and a lot better on my camera screen than on my computer, so.. :(

then we came back to furman and took a nap. we went to eat at this new greek/italian restaurant near campus called olympian grill. it was really delicious, and we have a ton of leftover food, too. mmmmmmmm..

and this is where it gets funny. after dinner we went back downtown to pick up my car and stopped at starbucks so i could get a mocha, per usual. i pull up to order and the guy taking my order says, “welcome to starbucks, where the stars are shining brightly, but not as brightly as our smiles. what can i get for you?” and i ordered, “can i get a tall nonfat white mocha (yes, i am that girl)?” and he said, “kay, a venti water with extra whip and a splenda, will that be it?” by this point i’m laughing a lot and about all i can get out is a “yes,” to which the reply comes: “okay that’ll be $14.67 please drive up to the second window.” (p.s. there’s only one window).

who doesn’t love a bored barista? :D

I FORGOT TO MENTION. at cityfest there was the most adorable freaking border collie puppy and i got to pet her at one point and she was SO SOFT. someone needs to get me a puppy, STAT. NOW. I NEEDS!


One response to “i wish i could make this stuff up.

  1. Hi Meg! Thanks for leaving me a comment. :-) I saw these Cityfest pics on Alex’s fb page back whenever you first posted them, and I really like them!

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