i do not actually like healthy food.

in the weeks since i last updated i guess a lot has been going on. i’ve been baking a lot and making a lot of cards–four close friends with birthdays within a month of each other.

almost all of the pictures i took of the birthday projects were either terrible pictures, or haven’t been uploaded, and as my camera cord is missing in action, i can’t upload them. so here are pictures of kelly’s and jon’s cards (in order).


jon's card

before that i cleaned out my crafting supplies. a lot of them have since found their way back into a messy pile in my “storage ottoman,” but some of them remain in their designated clear plastic storage drawers. maybe i will re-organize them again. those pictures look terrible, too. my camera is very finnicky about when it will and won’t take decent pictures. shame.

alex has also played a few shows with his band since then. three, to be exact. one for the fourth of july, and two other events.

he’s a rockstar. well, at least a worship rockstar–a little different. less bad things.

alex is a rockstar

other than all that fun, i’ve been trying to get myself healthy. i try to drink enough water every day (usually doesn’t happen, i do not often feel thirsty even though i must be very dehydrated), i’m trying to eat less bad food (i miss you, fettucine alfredo), and i’m trying very hard to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. the issue is that i am not very into most vegetables, and that i don’t feel like it’s been a sufficient meal unless there were a lot of carbs. i guess that’s how alot of people are. i also very much dislike berries. i am right now training myself to like, or at least tolerate, blueberries. raspberries are a whole other story and i just can’t deal with the disappointing, non-sweet flavor that happens when i chew on them.

i’m also only putting one teaspoon of sugar in my tea. i keep having to remind alex that i am a six year old.

and i’ve been running. there is this running program a friend showed me online that is supposed to take you from a couch potato to a 5k runner in eight or nine weeks. it’s three “workouts” a week, starting pretty easy and building you up until you are running three miles three days a week. yesterday i started week two. it was very hard. my lungs are not in their prime and neither is the rest of me, but the way i feel after i’ve finished is definitely worth the struggle to get myself on the treadmill, so it’s okay. i like it. i just hope my knees don’t abandon ship.

the official furman countdown is at 33 days. i’m excited.
and dci quarterfinals are in only 16!


One response to “i do not actually like healthy food.

  1. Can you plz teach me to be crafty like you? I want to make neat cards. Kthx.

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