it looks like a mango

on tuesday night, a tree fell on campus–thanks, ida!–very, very close to my apartment. as in, if it had fallen in the opposite direction, my car would’ve been smashed. as in, i’m lucky i didn’t wake up to tree coming in my window.


note the smashed (housing) van. amazing. the GMC in the foreground of the pic was originally to the left of the van, with the tree lying across its hood…the van broke the tree’s fall, apparently. the suv has a small dent and apparently not much else. leading me to believe that hurricane ida has been watching furman’s shenanigans and does not approve.

last night we opened and it was good, though there weren’t many laughs. my parents came and said they enjoyed it, so that’s good. i have a hard time getting any work done at all during play season–all i want to do is get to 6:30 and go run a show! bah!

and now i will leave you with a pretty-and-not-scary picture of a tree – the tree right out my window, which looks surprisingly like a mango today.


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