well, it’s been a long time. i have missed my little blog! it turned out school got in the way of almost everything — i was seeing alex onceish a week for about a month straight, and haven’t been to wednesday night or sunday night church in i don’t know how long — and i neglected my picture taking duties. sorry, friends. but i’m back. not on a daily schedule anymore, probably. maybe more writing and less photos. who knows.

so what’s been happening? well, we produced and ran *three* shows. i pulled a few all-nighters. i got a french press and have been drinking more and more coffee as a result. lots of things. lots of tiredness and stress. BUT, and here’s your big but, it is midterm. today i am on spring break. there are only two more shows this term. i only have three more costume design projects (one i’ll finish by friday), two more fashion history quizzes (which are pretty fun!), one more play to write, two more history exams to take, only one more light hang, only five more weeks of lighting lab… okay, it does look like a lot, but with what i’ve already done, and the week i’ve just come out of, it feels pretty good right now.

today, i am thankful for:

spring break!

nice weather!

all the sleep i have gotten, and am going to get, this week!

a chance to take my time doing a project instead of rushing it


having something to do this summer! (more later.)

and a God that loves and protects me and wants to take my worries away.


One response to “oops.

  1. Enjoy your spring break…

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