last night i pretty much decided that i want to go to either haiti or africa in the next year, either this summer, over christmas break, or for next year’s spring break. i was googling and researching companies/organizations that do mission trips to these places, and i was about to text a pastorfriend and ask if he knew of any people that had gone with a specific organization before. because i do not want to be screwed out of a bunch of money, and then end up on “historic tours” or something and not interact with anybody or get a chance to help people or show them Jesus. because i’m into the internets and reviews and the BBB and stuff.

anyway, tonight at collide, it was announced that they are planning a trip to haiti this summer. this summer. to haiti. i am believing in God’s promise and His hope and plan for me that i will be able to raise enough money and to take time off from my more-than-full-time internship this summer and go. i hope. i pray. pray with me.


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