broccoli and i…

so, if we can go ahead and entirely discount easter, i’ve been eating vegetarian for two weeks. it’s good because i actually have to eat vegetables…i’m madly in love with broccoli as of late.

heck yes, applebees…i approve.

the bad is that…as soon as i have to cook for alex this vegetarian thing is going bye-bye. there is nothing that could convince that man to give up chicken. or hamburgers. which is ok. i just have to make him like broccoli, too. at least i am learning to like vegetables. om nom nom.

gosh i really love broccoli. steamed broccoli. not so much raw broccoli.

term ends for me three weeks from now. may 3rd. everything will be done, turned in, etc., and i am probably going to sleep for an entire 24 hours. then i will have a week to finish feeling like a panicky mess and pack up my life and move somewhere else.

today i found out that i will be receiving a fellowship (read: $$$) from school for my vaguely-paid summer internship. yessss. praise Him.

we open in 31 hours.


2 responses to “broccoli and i…

  1. it was! i kind of want to go back and have it like, right now.

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