on summer vacation

summer vacation, you are a bully.
you have been taunting me for weeks.

“if you just get past that last day of finals on monday, you’ll be home free. then you can sleep and rest and read for pleasure all you want!”


no, summer vacation.

you’ve been lying to me!

why? why do i say that summer vacation is a bully? because..

i am not home free. i do not get to sleep or rest all i want. i do not get to read for pleasure, either.
because instead, i have to clean. i have to pack. i have to get my current apartment presentable enough for check-out, and then i have to move into my new apartment.

not that i’m not stoked about the new apartment! it will be amazing. BUT.
i do not want to pack
or move
or clean this apartment
or clean that apartment
or have to re-arrange all of my stuff

i just want the summer naps. that’s all. but i shan’t get them.

so i guess i’ll go start a load of laundry.


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