introducing hippo!

this is the love of my life, hippo potamoose buckbeak! right. we call her hippo. well, more often than not, i call her “moose” or “(ca)boose”, but we don’t have to get into my insane need for nicknames.

we (alex and i, though she’s lived with me) got her back in december, and i haven’t introduced her here yet because, well….i have my reasons. it wasn’t safe. but now, now it is, because i am in a new apartment and she’s fine!

she’s a tiny little thing–we imagine she was born around august, so that makes her about 9 months now–and she’s the sweetest, feistiest, funniest little thing ever. i adore her. she loves snuggles.. some days more than others. this morning was a good snuggle day. we had a long stint of behavioral issues (ahem. she was peeing on my bed several times a day, and on the floors, and basically anywhere that wasn’t her box) and multiple vet visits the first few months (SHE LICKED HER SPAY INCISION OPEN. cue mom freakout), but everything is better now. she’s quite finicky about her litter brand, but we finally got it figured out.

she hates car rides and always tries very hard to get out of her carrier in the car..and she’s succeeded a few times.

you can expect regular caturday updates from now on…maybe.

oh, and she plays fetch! video to come.


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