i am becoming more interested in food. i think it has something to do with having my very own kitchen for the first time in my life, and having to plan my food for the entire day because i have to bring it to work or be able to purchase, prepare, and eat it in about an hour. nom.

yesterday i rode into work with my friend/co-worker, and she was having lunch with her roommates before work – so – i had to go to handi. i said had to, because i’m not a huge fan of indian food. they have a lunch buffet which i suppose is pretty cool – i got to try several different things..

the salad was pretty good, and i love naan. the rice was good. the chickpea “appetizer” thing probably would’ve been good if i wasn’t expecting it to be hot (it was COLD). veggies-in-sauce were not awful, but not close to one of my favorites, either. i think i might be right in not liking indian food–as soon as i got to work i felt like i was going to die.

but OH, the dessert. the best rice pudding ever. and these little hot doughnut-things that were swimming in this sugary syrup sauce…gah. so delicious. i would go there JUST for the dessert.

i didn’t bring my typical dinner (a frozen amy’s dish) because i didn’t want it to melt in the car during lunch, so after office-work but before show-work i went for a walk downtown and bought new sunglasses.

then i went to coffee underground and had a little date with an italian soda and alex’s “christmas” present..
i ordered a peach italian soda because it’s my favorite, but they were out. i was a little untrusting of the raspberry, but OH. MAN. it was so good. i ate the grilled cheese-it had pesto and tomatoes on it, too-with a fruit cup. the fruit cup was a. tiny b. overripe. gross and not worth an extra 1.50. not-perfectly-ripe cantaloupe is so disappointing.

i think i’ll stick to drinks / the cheese plate (nom) at coffee underground from now on.


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