morning time.

right now, this is what my mornings look like. i don’t need to go into the office until about 11 the four days a week i go in, and so i have the mornings off..i’ve been getting up around 7, 7:30 all summer. i have to feed miss hippo then. she makes a serious racket until i do. i had been going back to bed for a few hours after feeding time was over, but then i started being insanely hungry when i got up, so i started making breakfast. once i eat a big bowl of oatmeal…sleep doesn’t seem quite as necessary. so in the mornings, i wake up, feed the cat, feed myself, and then i sit. and i read. and i pray. and i drink tea. and i read blogs. and sometimes i blog. sometimes i do yoga. when i do yoga, kitty comes and does cat-cow pose with me.

but my morning time is soon coming to its end…including the rest of this week, i have two more weeks of it. well, three, really, because once the play closes in a week and a half, i’m taking STAYCATION! but after my staycation, i have five straight weeks of 9-5, m-f. which is ok. i will have my evenings back, and that will be glorious. but a different kind of glorious. this glorious is somehow…slower. more peaceful. except the last 30 minutes of it, when i realize i HAVE to be at work SOON.


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