south carolina peach season

i got this peach at a not-very-great grocery store. however, it was grown where i live…in south carolina. and oh, man. it was the most delicious peach ever. i always knew that georgia was “the peach state,” but the first time i said that to someone after i moved here i essentially got attacked by a room full of my classmates AND my teacher…..apparently south carolinians pride themselves on their peaches. i can see why.
ps. my tattoo says “love”.

the other night we made “tortellini florentine” for dinner. it. was. amazing. it was on a recipe card we picked up at publix and oh. oh. delicious. basically, you boil ready-made cheese-filled tortellini, and then make a sauce out of wilted spinach/canned diced tomatoes/chickpeas/olive oil and spices…then sprinkle it with fresh-grated parmesan. and seriously. i had leftovers of it as lunch yesterday and mmm…

in other news, you’re fooling yourself if you think hippo isn’t getting this:

hint: the pink one.

…and this.


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