week one, day one

let’s just say i’m really hoping that “the third time is the charm.”

forgive the picture quality, my phone is lame and i’m too lazy to use my real camera. and yes, those are hippo’s bowls.

this will be my third (or is it fourth? i can’t even remember.) attempt at the couch-to-5k program. basically, it gives you a series of interval-type workouts: jog for x minutes/distance, walk for x minutes/distance, repeat for approx 20-30 minutes. by week 9 you are running a 5k three times a week. amazing. the furthest i’ve gotten has been week 5. week 5 is a killer. but i’m trying again. there’s a local 5k in october. i haven’t registered yet, but i’m going to. it’ll be my birthday gift to myself.

today was day one of at least 27. i ate half an apple about 30-40 minutes before my workout, and then a big bowl of apple/cinnamon/peanut butter/almond milk/dried cranberry oatmeal after. oatmeal is a good incentive. i foresee myself having to repeat a few weeks. i also foresee myself having to learn some better stretches, because i always get THE. WORST. shin splints. killer.

here’s hoping and praying i can survive the dreaded week 4/5. maybe i should preemptively buy myself some ace bandages for my shins…


One response to “week one, day one

  1. My trainer told me never to eat anything sweet or acidy before a workout. Instead, try something dry and plain, like a slice of multigrain bread. If you’re at all like me, overheating and nausea are a big issue with the running. The plain stuff helps keep you from getting sick.

    GL. xo

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