lentils and almost dying outside

today was week 2, day 1 of my couch to 5k training. today was also the first time i ran it outside and oh, man, it was really hard. so many hills. so much humidity. so much sweat. but i made it, and it was ok, and i feel proud of myself now for not dying.

i made (well, heated, really) lentil soup from amy’s kitchen for lunch today and served it over brown rice. i ate a few of these vegetable-ish crisp..things i picked up last night. they aren’t THAT healthy, but they’re better than normal chips (by a lot. including sodium content) and i keep finding myself wanting snacky crunch foods…and when i want snackyfood, i always end up eating oreos. these are a lot better than oreos (no, i will NOT stop keeping oreos. my love for them shall never fail…), so i don’t feel bad about them. i grated a little fresh parm over this soup and it was SO GOOD. i was a little hesitant: this is my first time trying lentils. but the lentils win. they are delicious and filling!


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