as you may or may not know, we are getting married august 14. yeah, in 26 days. so it’s been a pretty stressful week and i fell off the bandwagon, especially over the weekend.

we only went running once this past week (ugh, my legs are bored) and i’m REALLY hoping we get to go tonight because i’m itching for it and because i have four weeks til i’m wearing a wedding dress. and over the weekend i ate really, really poorly. on saturday i went to wafflehouse with my mom and grandma after my first fitting and i ate a large hashbrown, scattered, covered, and capped. that means covered in cheese, with sauteed mushrooms. and i topped it with a bunch of ketchup. unhealthy times a thousand. and THEN, yesterday, the in-laws met us at target as we were updating our registry and took us to brunch at cracker barrel. i almost, almost, almost got the healthy berries-and-yogurt breakfast, but then i didn’t. my meal involved more cheesy hashbrowns and eggs… way too much fat. so today i’m jumping back on the veggies wagon and for lunch i made roasted potatoes with steamed veggies (green beans, corn, broccoli). it feels good. i need to buy some more produce.

much better.

for a snack later in the day i’m planning on sliced apples and peanut butter. it’s almost dumb how excited i am about it.

in other news, we started a wedding blog! check it out.


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