you guys.


i am, as we speak, eating the best sandwich of my life. oh my gosh. it is inspired by this recent ohsheglows sandwich.

the sandwich contains:
toasted oatnut bread
tomato paste
aaand an amy’s california veggie burger. i wanted dr. praeger burgers but the one place i’ve found near my apartment that sells them was out last night, so i looked through publix’s freezer section and these were the only burgers made of veggies and not a bunch of soy protein and chemicals.

the tomato paste…i was a little worried about it. i’ve never used it as a condiment before so i tasted a little before i made the sandwich and it was SO acidy…but on the sandwich it really, really perks everything else up. i even went back and added more of it to the sandwich after a few bites!

this sandwich is so good i’m ignoring my favorite sweet potato fries. that’s all i’m saying.

for dessert i’m totally going to have some granola & almond milk, if i have room..


2 responses to “you guys.

  1. give me that sandwich and I will give you my cake stands. :0
    Bad news sweetie. I got them at Costco months ago. They had probably 100 of them. I got home, realized that I wanted more of them for me and for gifts. Went back the next day. All of them were GONE!!!! I went to five costco searching to no avail. Curses!!! Why must they be so mean? I wish I had better news for you. It’s so unfair.

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