because you totally want to know what i eat

after the previously mentioned delicious sandwich, i met up with alex downtown and HE TOOK ME TO BLUEBERRY FROG. he’s a keeper.
blueberry frog did not have blueberry yogurt that night (what?) so i settled for peach. with kiwi, strawberries, and mangoes.

mmmm colors
peach was good but it didn’t have the tarty-ness that blueberry has. i still want blueberry. bring it back!

then yesterday i had another veggie burger for lunch while sitting around waiting on our wedding invitations to get here.

it was good, but i didn’t eat the whole thing.

for dinner i had…you guessed it….a veggie burger! kids, these things are GOOD. i wouldn’t lie to you.

this time i decided to put it on a bed of spinach instead of toast, and i sauteed some corn with a little queso fresco (shut up, queso fresco is delicious), olive oil, salt and pepper. delish. the sauce on top of the burger is what happens when i want but don’t have salsa…i whisked some water and italian dressing into tomato paste. i was surprised to find that it wasn’t disgusting. but today, i bought salsa, so lunch will be…drumroll.. a veggie burger, on spinach, with salsa, and some steamed veggies. brilliant.


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