i’m in the process of collecting all the pictures i want for a wedding-weekend wrap up post! (a lot of them are on alex’s phone, since the camera on mine just does not work in low lighting) but for now, here’s something delicious.
something from home.
something i love.
something i am nostalgic for.
i would probably say it’s my favorite food on earth.

i present you with….

weber’s bakery cinnamon raisin cylinder bread!


ohhh it’s so delicious and crusty and mmmmm

this bread was around all the time when i was little. the bakery is close to my old house (south side of chicago, you guys). it’s where we always always went for birthday cakes, cookies to share with the class, and of course this bread. my birthday cake was always always golden sponge cake, with fudge between the layers, and RAINBOW AIRBRUSHED(!) whipped cream. oh, i haven’t had this bread in years. one of my very good friends brought me a few loaves. definitely the best wedding present possible. i literally JUST finished having two pieces of it. not filling. going to need a more substantial snack (i could totally eat the whole loaf RIGHT NOW.)

the one thing i regret about my wedding (aside from the sprinklers coming on, MORE ON THAT LATER) is that i couldn’t have weber’s do my cake. boo.


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