hello! ten days ago i got married. tomorrow i start classes for my senior year. insane!

let’s rewind a bit. the morning of the wedding, i ate this for breakfast:

well. except that all i was really able to choke down was the half of the bagel with cream cheese on it and then about 1/4 of the other half of the bagel, with chocolate almond butter. and some green tea.

we went to charleston for the weekend as our honeymoon and took advantage of the free continental breakfast both days (only pics of one day, though…)

the fruit was actually a fruit salad. it had been sitting together for a while and it all just tasted the same. i gulped it down the first day like it was the best thing i’d ever had, though–i was super dehydrated. i was a bit disillusioned about it on monday morning. i took advantage of cream cheese and bagels–i usually don’t buy them, but it was either that or jelly/white bread toast. i took the tastier of two options :]

for our “special” dinner sunday night we went to magnolia’s in charleston. this was our first time somewhere fancy after going veg, so we were a bit worried, but guess what? the chef there is a vegetarian, so our veg plates were AWESOME. and they gave us free champagne with strawberries because we told them it was our honeymoon. win. :]

mmmmm veggies

so now i’m married, and we’re caught up on what happened pre-ten days ago. good. i’ve tried lots of new things since we got back and i’m excited to post about that. for now, though, i’m going to finish my wine (out of fancy new wineglasses, mm) and get to bed. big, long day tomorrow.


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