the only successful meal i’ve had this weekend

yeah. cookies and ice cream. i know, right?

breakfast saturday i added some oats to my GM and it was, well, chalky.

for lunch saturday we went to flat rock grille (i shall not link you) after checking out their online menu and finding some scrumptious-sounding vegetarian options. we get there and they are a “private” flat rock grille, meaning they have a completely different menu. the only veg-friendly things were grilled cheese and potato soup. so we each got grilled cheese and potato soup.
well. the grilled cheese tasted like it was meant to have a beef patty on it and be served at wendy’s, and the potato soup was thin, milky, and the consistency of tartar sauce. GROSS.

dinner last night was supposed to be enchiladas, but i guess i used too much enchilada sauce and it was a soupy mess. a tasty mess, nonetheless, but still disappointing.

breakfast today, i made a green monster and while it had all my favorite fruits in it, the pineapple and cantaloupe were about a day too old and it just tasted nasty. my GM, which is the one food i have counted on all week, failed me TWICE. sadddd

lunch today was decent – spinach artichoke dip and mushroom pizza at brixx. brixx has the bestttt spin/art dip ever. love. but the pizza had SO MUCH arugula on it it may as well have been a salad on a pizza plate.

and dinner tonight? another epic cooking failure. it was meant to be thick, creamy, potato soup. it ended up, again, way too runny and tasting way too much like veggie broth and not enough like potatoes. :[

tomorrow will be better. a non-turned fruit GM for breakfast, a bowl full of lentils&rice (fool-proof: it’s leftovers, already proven to be delicious) for lunch. who knows about dinner…


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