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i am becoming more interested in food. i think it has something to do with having my very own kitchen for the first time in my life, and having to plan my food for the entire day because i have to bring it to work or be able to purchase, prepare, and eat it in about an hour. nom.

yesterday i rode into work with my friend/co-worker, and she was having lunch with her roommates before work – so – i had to go to handi. i said had to, because i’m not a huge fan of indian food. they have a lunch buffet which i suppose is pretty cool – i got to try several different things..

the salad was pretty good, and i love naan. the rice was good. the chickpea “appetizer” thing probably would’ve been good if i wasn’t expecting it to be hot (it was COLD). veggies-in-sauce were not awful, but not close to one of my favorites, either. i think i might be right in not liking indian food–as soon as i got to work i felt like i was going to die.

but OH, the dessert. the best rice pudding ever. and these little hot doughnut-things that were swimming in this sugary syrup sauce…gah. so delicious. i would go there JUST for the dessert.

i didn’t bring my typical dinner (a frozen amy’s dish) because i didn’t want it to melt in the car during lunch, so after office-work but before show-work i went for a walk downtown and bought new sunglasses.

then i went to coffee underground and had a little date with an italian soda and alex’s “christmas” present..
i ordered a peach italian soda because it’s my favorite, but they were out. i was a little untrusting of the raspberry, but OH. MAN. it was so good. i ate the grilled cheese-it had pesto and tomatoes on it, too-with a fruit cup. the fruit cup was a. tiny b. overripe. gross and not worth an extra 1.50. not-perfectly-ripe cantaloupe is so disappointing.

i think i’ll stick to drinks / the cheese plate (nom) at coffee underground from now on.



my lovey surprised me today by buying us the 5th and 6th harry potter movies–the only two that have come out that i was missing!–so tonight we watched order of the phoenix and i got the scarf back out to knit for a little while during the movie. :)


this week i got to halfway done with the scarf. it feels like i’m never going to finish it…but i will. i will.

it’s exams week

this means i am procrastinating.

on wednesday i decided that for christmas, i would knit alex a scarf. so i packed myself up and went out and bought some yarn and needles and sat down. i had to re-start after two days because, well, my first try was emm…unsuccessful. it was supposed to be a surprise, until one of my roommates ruined christmas. the upside of this is that i can now knit in front of alex and don’t have to hide things from him anymore. but i really was looking forward to the surprise. BUT, he does like it.

on thursday or friday, i don’t remember, i decided that i needed a break from all the knitting and that i wanted a project to do with more immediate results. something i could finish in under an hour. so i took some of my (meager. donations accepted!) fabric stash over to the costume shop, tore a bunch of strips of my fabric and of scraps from around the shop, and made myself a braided necklace like this one. i broke two needles in the process of sewing the ends together (woops) and i will probably try again with different fabrics/colors/hand stitching, but i like it. it goes well with the two new solid v-neck tshirts i got this week at aerie.

last night alex and i were with our friends jon and suz and we made wonderful mac ‘n’ cheese from the pioneer woman and a pot roast with onions. the onions essentially melted in the ovens. oh my heavens, it was a good meal. tonight the two of us decided to make another roast (as did jonsuz. awesome). delicious. happy tummy: yes.

i woke up feeling a little sick this morning and rested almost the entire day, except for the cooking portion. it’s been a great weekend but um…i still have three finals this week. three of which i am unprepared for. woops. tomorrow i will be getting my butt into gear (and also gorging myself on carrots! and potatoes! and onions! and pot roast! and probably tea with honey!)

let me leave you with something that should be taken off the shelves immediately:

ludens, we need to have a talk. i have been mostly faithful to your cherry and honey-lemon flavors my entire life, through the flu, many bouts of strep, about a million and a half ear infections, and sometimes just as candy. i am very disappointed. while i do appreciate your keen ability to trick my boyfriend into thinking you were the right flavor because of the word “honey,” i do not appreciate being without my honeylemon today. wipe that smug “great tasting” off your label! you aren’t fooling anyone. repent of your evil (dare i say the word?)–licorice ways. honey lemon and cherry forever!