not-vegan overnight oats


i have to tell you, i was really, really skeptical about this. i have a big, HOT bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, almond milk, and dried cranberries pretty much every morning, so i felt like i should jump on the food-blogger bandwagon and try overnight oats/cold oats/vegan overnight oats (voo). except mine aren’t vegan. they’ve got honey.

basically what you do is pour your milk of choice (almond milk all the way for me!) over oats (and cinnamon if you know what’s good for you), cover, and put it in the fridge overnight. in the morning top it with whatever you like and it’s supposed to be delicious. well, it is tasty, but the texture is freaking me out. i also have a weird thing where cold food never feels as filling. i think i used way too much almond milk and not enough salt…i’m going to try again tonight/tomorrow with less milk. hopefully that will give me a thicker, creamier and less runny texture. i have not given up on you, cold oats. (oh, and that’s a cup of earl gray with almond milk, which i haven’t had in forever. mmm.)


because you totally want to know what i eat

after the previously mentioned delicious sandwich, i met up with alex downtown and HE TOOK ME TO BLUEBERRY FROG. he’s a keeper.
blueberry frog did not have blueberry yogurt that night (what?) so i settled for peach. with kiwi, strawberries, and mangoes.

mmmm colors
peach was good but it didn’t have the tarty-ness that blueberry has. i still want blueberry. bring it back!

then yesterday i had another veggie burger for lunch while sitting around waiting on our wedding invitations to get here.

it was good, but i didn’t eat the whole thing.

for dinner i had…you guessed it….a veggie burger! kids, these things are GOOD. i wouldn’t lie to you.

this time i decided to put it on a bed of spinach instead of toast, and i sauteed some corn with a little queso fresco (shut up, queso fresco is delicious), olive oil, salt and pepper. delish. the sauce on top of the burger is what happens when i want but don’t have salsa…i whisked some water and italian dressing into tomato paste. i was surprised to find that it wasn’t disgusting. but today, i bought salsa, so lunch will be…drumroll.. a veggie burger, on spinach, with salsa, and some steamed veggies. brilliant.

you guys.


i am, as we speak, eating the best sandwich of my life. oh my gosh. it is inspired by this recent ohsheglows sandwich.

the sandwich contains:
toasted oatnut bread
tomato paste
aaand an amy’s california veggie burger. i wanted dr. praeger burgers but the one place i’ve found near my apartment that sells them was out last night, so i looked through publix’s freezer section and these were the only burgers made of veggies and not a bunch of soy protein and chemicals.

the tomato paste…i was a little worried about it. i’ve never used it as a condiment before so i tasted a little before i made the sandwich and it was SO acidy…but on the sandwich it really, really perks everything else up. i even went back and added more of it to the sandwich after a few bites!

this sandwich is so good i’m ignoring my favorite sweet potato fries. that’s all i’m saying.

for dessert i’m totally going to have some granola & almond milk, if i have room..


as you may or may not know, we are getting married august 14. yeah, in 26 days. so it’s been a pretty stressful week and i fell off the bandwagon, especially over the weekend.

we only went running once this past week (ugh, my legs are bored) and i’m REALLY hoping we get to go tonight because i’m itching for it and because i have four weeks til i’m wearing a wedding dress. and over the weekend i ate really, really poorly. on saturday i went to wafflehouse with my mom and grandma after my first fitting and i ate a large hashbrown, scattered, covered, and capped. that means covered in cheese, with sauteed mushrooms. and i topped it with a bunch of ketchup. unhealthy times a thousand. and THEN, yesterday, the in-laws met us at target as we were updating our registry and took us to brunch at cracker barrel. i almost, almost, almost got the healthy berries-and-yogurt breakfast, but then i didn’t. my meal involved more cheesy hashbrowns and eggs… way too much fat. so today i’m jumping back on the veggies wagon and for lunch i made roasted potatoes with steamed veggies (green beans, corn, broccoli). it feels good. i need to buy some more produce.

much better.

for a snack later in the day i’m planning on sliced apples and peanut butter. it’s almost dumb how excited i am about it.

in other news, we started a wedding blog! check it out.


i am happy to say…

YESTERDAY I GOT ENGAGED!!!! alex is truly the man of my dreams and i couldn’t be happier!


tonight alex and i went for a run. it was our second run together and only our first run after work. we are doing c25k week two again (we did it last week) because we are out of shape. my right calf started to feel really tight early on, and i couldn’t do running pass 4. or 6. i manned it up for the 5th one, though. but man, it was tough.

other than that running is going, um, swimmingly. it’s nice to have something to do and i’ve actually been craving/looking forward to it during the days. but tonight, it was rough, and because of it, i forgot to take a picture of the dinner i’m about to tell you about. woops.

after running, i had a bowl of honey bunches of oats with almond milk. not the healthiest, but i was starving and not in the mood to cook. then i finally got in the mood to sorta-cook so i baked the last of my sweet potato fries (which i ate with ketchup, shut up. ketchup is IT.) and steamed some corn, broccoli, and green beans. those three bags of frozen veggies, along with the colander alex got me, have been the best $2-and-under investments ever. nom.

to keep your interest here is a picture of my frozen veggies, in my freezer. and some frozen blueberries that i’ve had forever.



that’s where i go.

i mean, duh.