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in which all three of my meals are home-made

…for possibly the first time in my life

breakfast: oatmeal, of course. this mix was almond milk, oats, cinnamon, pinch of salt, flax, drizzle of honey, and spoonful of peanut butter. note: publix’s fresh-made peanut butter is pretty decent, but the PACKAGING for it is so difficult to open..i’ll never buy it again. lunch was leftovers from last night — pasta “florentine.” mushroom agnolotti with spinach, diced tomatoes, and chickpeas. DELISH. and dinner is this:

i’m so proud of how long she held this pose

roasted potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and corn. with chickpeas. lots of olive oil, s&p, and oregano going on on this plate… i also sprinkled everything with fresh-grated parm and lime juice. don’t look at me. i don’t actually know anything about cooking, but if i have it in my pantry or fridge, i’ll try it. it was good.

next cooking adventure: oven roasting the three ears of bi-colored corn we got at the saturday market. any recipes/tips…?



that’s where i go.

i mean, duh.

early girl and caturday, late.

i know it’s sunday. i know it’s the fourth of july. i will worry about fireworks and that stuff later in the day. for now i want to talk about yesterday.

alex and i both have monday off this week, so to celebrate one of the only syncopated three-day-weekends we’ve ever had in four years, we went to asheville for the day. we walked downtown for about forever and after some italian ices to cool down and more walking, we finally went to dinner. at 4:30 pm. that’s how bad we wanted to sit.

we ate to earl girl eatery, the idea for which i got off sweet tater‘s blog. it was great!

we started with the soup of the day, potato and leek (and local, organic, sustainable beers. cool). i was pretty convinced after two bites that there was bacon in it, but the waitress checked with the kitchen and assured me it was vegetarian, so i believed her. it was delicious. i probably could have just ordered a bigger bowl of soup and been full.

then i ordered the “meat and two.” for the “meat” i got their sweet potato black bean cakes (with avocado), and let me tell you. these things were heaven. i was pretty upset that i couldn’t even finish ONE of the two they brought me, but it was early and that soup filled me up. the amount of food was a little unnecessary–alex also got the meat and two, with actual meat, and couldn’t come close to finishing his either. the mac and cheese was so-so. the fried eggplant (that’s what that stuff is) was pretty gross and tasted like nothing. should’ve gone with mashed potatoes and kale with hominy. i knew it, too. but the biscuit was amazing, or maybe it was just the homemade strawberry jam that was amazing. i wanted to eat it by the spoonful.

then we came back to greenville and i uh, passed out for two hours. then we watched valentine’s day, which wasn’t bad but would’ve been significantly better without the inclusion of taylors swift and lautner. oh well.

that was our caturday. bring on the frozen banana icecream, leftover sweet potato cakes, and fireworks!

i don’t think they’ll fit, hip. sorry baby.

south carolina peach season

i got this peach at a not-very-great grocery store. however, it was grown where i live…in south carolina. and oh, man. it was the most delicious peach ever. i always knew that georgia was “the peach state,” but the first time i said that to someone after i moved here i essentially got attacked by a room full of my classmates AND my teacher…..apparently south carolinians pride themselves on their peaches. i can see why.
ps. my tattoo says “love”.

the other night we made “tortellini florentine” for dinner. it. was. amazing. it was on a recipe card we picked up at publix and oh. oh. delicious. basically, you boil ready-made cheese-filled tortellini, and then make a sauce out of wilted spinach/canned diced tomatoes/chickpeas/olive oil and spices…then sprinkle it with fresh-grated parmesan. and seriously. i had leftovers of it as lunch yesterday and mmm…

in other news, you’re fooling yourself if you think hippo isn’t getting this:

hint: the pink one.

…and this.