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as you may or may not know, we are getting married august 14. yeah, in 26 days. so it’s been a pretty stressful week and i fell off the bandwagon, especially over the weekend.

we only went running once this past week (ugh, my legs are bored) and i’m REALLY hoping we get to go tonight because i’m itching for it and because i have four weeks til i’m wearing a wedding dress. and over the weekend i ate really, really poorly. on saturday i went to wafflehouse with my mom and grandma after my first fitting and i ate a large hashbrown, scattered, covered, and capped. that means covered in cheese, with sauteed mushrooms. and i topped it with a bunch of ketchup. unhealthy times a thousand. and THEN, yesterday, the in-laws met us at target as we were updating our registry and took us to brunch at cracker barrel. i almost, almost, almost got the healthy berries-and-yogurt breakfast, but then i didn’t. my meal involved more cheesy hashbrowns and eggs… way too much fat. so today i’m jumping back on the veggies wagon and for lunch i made roasted potatoes with steamed veggies (green beans, corn, broccoli). it feels good. i need to buy some more produce.

much better.

for a snack later in the day i’m planning on sliced apples and peanut butter. it’s almost dumb how excited i am about it.

in other news, we started a wedding blog! check it out.


early girl and caturday, late.

i know it’s sunday. i know it’s the fourth of july. i will worry about fireworks and that stuff later in the day. for now i want to talk about yesterday.

alex and i both have monday off this week, so to celebrate one of the only syncopated three-day-weekends we’ve ever had in four years, we went to asheville for the day. we walked downtown for about forever and after some italian ices to cool down and more walking, we finally went to dinner. at 4:30 pm. that’s how bad we wanted to sit.

we ate to earl girl eatery, the idea for which i got off sweet tater‘s blog. it was great!

we started with the soup of the day, potato and leek (and local, organic, sustainable beers. cool). i was pretty convinced after two bites that there was bacon in it, but the waitress checked with the kitchen and assured me it was vegetarian, so i believed her. it was delicious. i probably could have just ordered a bigger bowl of soup and been full.

then i ordered the “meat and two.” for the “meat” i got their sweet potato black bean cakes (with avocado), and let me tell you. these things were heaven. i was pretty upset that i couldn’t even finish ONE of the two they brought me, but it was early and that soup filled me up. the amount of food was a little unnecessary–alex also got the meat and two, with actual meat, and couldn’t come close to finishing his either. the mac and cheese was so-so. the fried eggplant (that’s what that stuff is) was pretty gross and tasted like nothing. should’ve gone with mashed potatoes and kale with hominy. i knew it, too. but the biscuit was amazing, or maybe it was just the homemade strawberry jam that was amazing. i wanted to eat it by the spoonful.

then we came back to greenville and i uh, passed out for two hours. then we watched valentine’s day, which wasn’t bad but would’ve been significantly better without the inclusion of taylors swift and lautner. oh well.

that was our caturday. bring on the frozen banana icecream, leftover sweet potato cakes, and fireworks!

i don’t think they’ll fit, hip. sorry baby.

lentils and almost dying outside

today was week 2, day 1 of my couch to 5k training. today was also the first time i ran it outside and oh, man, it was really hard. so many hills. so much humidity. so much sweat. but i made it, and it was ok, and i feel proud of myself now for not dying.

i made (well, heated, really) lentil soup from amy’s kitchen for lunch today and served it over brown rice. i ate a few of these vegetable-ish crisp..things i picked up last night. they aren’t THAT healthy, but they’re better than normal chips (by a lot. including sodium content) and i keep finding myself wanting snacky crunch foods…and when i want snackyfood, i always end up eating oreos. these are a lot better than oreos (no, i will NOT stop keeping oreos. my love for them shall never fail…), so i don’t feel bad about them. i grated a little fresh parm over this soup and it was SO GOOD. i was a little hesitant: this is my first time trying lentils. but the lentils win. they are delicious and filling!

week one, day one

let’s just say i’m really hoping that “the third time is the charm.”

forgive the picture quality, my phone is lame and i’m too lazy to use my real camera. and yes, those are hippo’s bowls.

this will be my third (or is it fourth? i can’t even remember.) attempt at the couch-to-5k program. basically, it gives you a series of interval-type workouts: jog for x minutes/distance, walk for x minutes/distance, repeat for approx 20-30 minutes. by week 9 you are running a 5k three times a week. amazing. the furthest i’ve gotten has been week 5. week 5 is a killer. but i’m trying again. there’s a local 5k in october. i haven’t registered yet, but i’m going to. it’ll be my birthday gift to myself.

today was day one of at least 27. i ate half an apple about 30-40 minutes before my workout, and then a big bowl of apple/cinnamon/peanut butter/almond milk/dried cranberry oatmeal after. oatmeal is a good incentive. i foresee myself having to repeat a few weeks. i also foresee myself having to learn some better stretches, because i always get THE. WORST. shin splints. killer.

here’s hoping and praying i can survive the dreaded week 4/5. maybe i should preemptively buy myself some ace bandages for my shins…